Where's the most common part of the body where people often tend to get tattooed on? It's on the arms. I'm sure you have seen people with full tattoo sleeve art that looks like its part of their actual attire. This full sleeve tattoos are often seen on aficionados, tattoo collectors and people who don't mind showing off their body art. In today's modern world, tattoos aren't as taboo as before and as such people are keener in showing them off.

Of course a full tattoo sleeve art cannot be accomplished in a single seating. Most of the time, it takes years to cover an entire sleeve up. I'm sure you know the saying "wear your heart on your sleeve". Let's just say that people who have full sleeves of tattoo are doing just that, expressing themselves through their tattoos as they commemorate their achievements, paying tribute to loved ones or just permanently marking a special point in their lives.

People who have these sleeve tattoos are always nice folk to talk to. Why? Because of all the stories they would be able to tell you about each tattoo that comprises their sleeve piece. Some of them are most likely tattoo collectors and have one full sleeve done by a single artist.

Among the most prominent tattoo artists that have done dozens of sleeve pieces is Chris Garver of Miami Ink fame. Known for his beautiful Asian inspired style of tattooing, he has done his share of full sleeve tattoos. So if you are one of those people who like to "wear their hearts on their sleeve", then a tattoo sleeve art is just the thing for you.