Arabic Tattoo


One of the quickest and most popular trends brewing right now are word or literary tattoo designs.  Be it one word to a whole poem word tattoos are hot.  In order for people to yet again differentiate themselves from others many people are choosing to have the tattoo word written in a foreign language.  For a long time Kanji tattoo were very popular.  To get a saying writing in Japanese Kanji was super cool.  These trend is kind of dying out these days and now people are getting designs in Italian, Sanskrit and even Arabic.  One has to admit there is a certain beauty and mystery in a foreign script.  Just think of the moment when Frodo holds up the One Ring in the movie "The Lord Of The Rings" after the ring has been in the fire.  Frodo holds up the ring and looks at the beautiful glowing elvish script inscribed into the ring.  One can not deny the mystery and beauty of the foreign elvish script.  Thus is the same beauty and mystery that leads people to get word tattoos in a different language.