"The Lord has risen, indeed. Alleluia!"

by Kirkepiscatoid

How did this happen? Hell, I don't know.
Yesterday, the darkness was palpable,
the fear unshakable,
the grief scarcely bearable.

But today, I have seen the impossible.

You want an explanation? Hell, there is none.
I saw him die.
I saw them take him down.
I saw the livor mortis start.

But today, life springs forth everywhere.

Can I prove this? Oh, hell no. Can't be done.
All I know is what once was dead is alive forever.
All I know is what I once feared is not worth fearing.
All I know is to forget everything I once thought was for sure.

I don't care to explain it, understand it, parse it, or pick it apart. I just want to live in it.

"Alleluia; Christ is risen."
"The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia."